LIC of India Mumbai

Respected Sir,





1) Today the concept of well-being has shifted from Intervention to Prevention, from Sickness to Wellness, & Healthcare first, Medicare next.

Adequate steps & measures have to be taken by several agencies to ensure that all citizens secure the above much-deserved blessings for a happy, healthy living.

2) Many experts feel that if reimbursement is given to Pensioners for prevention of illness, future claims can decrease by regular, more systematic attention to probable offshoots of some diseases & avoidance of the same.

Regarding sickness/ wellness, LIC can arrange periodic Lectures with illustrations from Geriatric experts & professionals. LIC can release Booklets on Healthcare as enormous data on Impaired lives is available & further, several mechanisms being practiced, popularized & propagated ,such as walking, jogging, exercises, stretch exercises for eliminating early rigidity, simple Yoga asanas, can be published.

At fixed intervals, demos can be arranged for pensioners to witness & practise the same.

3) Pensioners enjoy No No Claim Rebate. Pensioners enjoy No Domciliary benefits. Pensioners enjoy virtually No Cashless Service for admission to Hospitals.


AIRIEF demands all these as it is elders & seniors who deserve these privileges genuinely.

It was a dire need for pensioners, who for such major ailments & admission to hospitals cannot immediately find enough lumpsum amount, they were free from such worries, it was hassle-free hospital admission on the basis of Identity Card containing all relevant details.for restoration of health , free from delays, meandering procedures, ever so many requirements, & hence no administrative blockades, etc. One can well imagine what a different situation the pensioners are called upon to shoulder burdening them, family, causing more worries & further anxiety can well be imagined. We earnestly plead with management to restore SIMPLIFIED Cashless Service for pensioners, with maximum number of hospitals for easy reach & accessibility

4) To add insult to injury, pensioners, even for common ailments beyond a particular age, spend a lot on consultations, special reports, prescriptions, injections .further consultations etc which eat into their pension significantly. Equally true is the fact that routine consultations for pensioner & spouse crosses many years a huge amount, let alone those with chronic diseases where'the lot is miserable. Cumulative expenses crosses all prudent limits.
Whether the pensioner can lead any decent style or standard of living can be easily comprehended, pitiable indeed by any standards. Sympathetic understanding of the humane issues & pragmatic efforts to resolve & mitigate these hardships will evoke a chord in the hearts of pensioners.
AIRIEF, therefore, demands some respectable amount of Domiciliary, on similar lines ,as that for Employees. While we record our appreciation
for LIC in increasing the Cash Medical Allowance ranging from Rs.4000 to Rs12000pa to different groups of Employees from 1-8-2007. Pensioners richly deserve help from LIC to defray rising medical consultation & cost of medicines, year after year, as at old age they need frequent visits to doctors to alleviate their illness etc. Further, there are several restrictions in medi claim policy .because of which pensioners have to forego the expenses
incurred on that coufit also.

Further, many Banks allow yearly medical check-ups for Pensioners as part of pensioner

Welfare concerns. LIC also must provide Rs 3000—5000 for such preventive measures in the interests of holistic health & well-being

5) Some Insurance companies include restrictive provision of medical
checkup before Renewal. This is a harsh, draconian measure & will cause
incalculable harm to pensioners.

It should be common practice that when once the pensioner has enrolled for Mediclaim & continues loyally paying renewal premium on time, the cover must be automatic.

To avoid any such contingency, as pensioners are also human beings with family concerns & problems, they may be away or on a family tour when mediclaim premium could not be paid before 31 march.

AIRIEF therefore, requests LIC ,AS A UNIFORM PRACTICE, TO DEDUCT MEDICLAIM PREMIUM IN 3 INSTALMENTS, December, January & February SO THAT SOME RESIDUAL PENSION AT LEAST IS RECEIVED THOSE 3 MONTHS & above all, risk continues as policy is alive & it will be a boon for Family Pensioners, as many do not know or told the significance of continued risk cover .without being a defaulter.

6) RBI has graded benefits allowed for various cadres ranging from Rs1.20 lacs,1.80 lacs, 2.40 lacs at the topmost level. RBI has arrangements with United India Insce Co Group MediClaim Policy & renews every year 15 August.

During the course of the year, if the pensioner or spouse fall sick & admitted
to Hospital, depending on the total charges/bill,United India settles the claim to the hospital.
Pensioners don't pay any premium. RBI pays the premium in full.

Pre-existing illness is covered. Whether cashless service is offered, pensioners have to take MAF Card- Medical Assistance Fund Scheme(MAFS) & TPA Identity CARD. Member has to inform TPA. Claim is paid by TPA & no hassles for pensioners.

7) i) IOB Mediclaim Scheme is liberalized. Members-existing as well as new
entrants will be covered under a mediclaim policy for Rs1,50,0007- for self
and spouse till they complete 90 years.

Pre existing diseases are covered.

At present the scheme provides for reimbursement of hospitalization expenses upto Rs1.00 lacs for both member and spouse in their life time with a cap of Rs. 50,0007- in a year. Now it stands enhanced to Rs1,50,0007-every year. Even members who have availed the entire amount of Rs 1.00 lac will get the coverage of Rs 1.50 lacs every year, nowqnwards. The new entrants will pay one time subscription equal to 50% of the Present Basic pay in the last stage of the Grade in which they were placed at the time of retirement.

ii) a)DENABANK :TOTAL YEARLY PREMIUM IS ONLY RS 883 to R%6705 How high mediclaim premium by New India, we are paying EMPLOYEES SHARE OF PREMIUM IS RS 150 to RS1500 BANKSHAREOFPREMIUMISRS733T05205








8) Further, when the pensioner has joined the Scheme & pays premium every year regularly, there should not be any limit for upper age for exclusion & full cover contemplated must continue till his death.

9) A Floater policy covering elder, spouse & dependants ,if any, would be welcomed as there can be a balancing factor as far as spread of expenses is concerned with some having good health, some not so good etc. It will be a group within a Group & presumably, combined premiums can be much lower proportionately.

10)Alternative medicine treatment has become more pervasive & useful for some brands of illness & so, we shall be glad if these are also included without any regrets.

11)Integration of Overseas Mediclaim with this scheme may be welcome as many elders go abroad & independent policy .efforts, procedures may not be needed if this is sought to be merged in this scheme.

12)Steps must be taken to prevent fraudulent & inflated claims to ensure deserving, genuine ones are not deprived of full benefits. Audit, inspection & vigilance can play an important role as umpires & to administer stern warning signals to stem the rot.

13)Certainly, to avail of the benefits, a deadline for settlement from the date of receipt of all papers to settlement should not be more than 15 days in the case of pensioners as long delays are noticed now.

14)Hon. High Courts & Tribunals have held that i) Right to health is a constitutional guarantee & one's right is other's duty. ii)ln their old age when they require the medical facility most, it should be gladly granted.

Hon. Supreme Court asserted "Self-preservation of one's life is the necessary concomitant of the right of life enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution of India, fundamental in nature, sacred, precious & inviolable. The importance & validity of the duty & right to self-preservation has a species in the right of self defense in criminal law. Centuries ago, thinkers of India conceived of such right & recognized it." .In yet another case, Supreme Court proclaimed "A right, it correlates to a duty upon another individual that is employer, Govt or authority. The right of one is an obligation of another. Hence, the right of a citizen to live under Article 21 cast obligation on the State. This obligation is further reinforced under Article 47, it is for the State to secure health to its citizens as its primary duty."

15)i) Regarding Pre -1986 Exgratia Retirees, AIRIEF demands Liberal
Medical Assistance(MA) per month on the pattern allowed by RBI,
which has been constantly increasing this benefit knowing full well that they are the oldest & above 80 yrs old.

RBI protected them from 1/6/2001 with small Rs. 300pm, Rs. 800 w.e.f. 1/7/2002, Rs1000/1200from 1/2/2005 for Classlll.RsI200/1500/1800 for Class I

Now, wef 1/4/OS.MA pmRs3400-5600 for Class IV-Grade F/ED

How frequently RBI has done the revision speaks high of RBIs concern for all types of pensioners & exgratia retirees.

LIC must understand that they have saved a lot by denying to legitimate demands all these years & years & so now must be unhesitatingly magnanimous.

Exgratia retirees is a closed cadre, many deaths have taken place, mortality will snatch away many. LIC should not be miserly.

ii) Medical Assistance(MA) per month .ranging from Rs3000~5000pm, It can be :Upto Assts :Rs3000pm

HGA/DOs :Rs3500pm

AAO/AO :Rs4000pm


ZM &Above :Rs5000pm

Already, these Elders, whom we must respect to the core, have lost the battle.

It was a pittance of R s 300+DR they are getting, society looks to with scorn, when nowadays Substaff gets such substantial pension.

How much all pensioners spend on Health matters for consultation, medicines, special reports, dental treatment throughout the year, everyone knows Pre-1986 retirees, so old, will have plenty of ailments .Year after yevar, there will be exits & LIC Outlay will, therefore, come down iii) CG/State Govt retirees always got with successive Pay Commissions automatically.?

Now Minimum Pension for CG has shot up to Rs3500 +DR .

IV) Performance of LIC over the years has stood to the test of time. The retired employees have contributed their best in the growth of LIC. It is a sad state of affairs that retired employee's contribution is not recognized when they demand for their share of pie. The Fifth and Sixth Pay Commission has increased pensioner's benefits to their retired employees with a view to provide them dignified post retirement living. Union of India has framed Pension Rules to LIC employees on the lines of Central Civil Service (Pension) Rules. It will be in the fitness of things that LIC allows similar benefits to its retirees. So we request to allow following benefits to LIC's retirees at the earliest possible:

i) Pension Updation and Resolution of DR Anomaly to Pre -1997 Retirees:

Though the matter is subjudice, it will be in the fitness of things that LIC Management displays empathy towards aged pensioners &resolves the anomaly by up dating pension with wage revisions and allowing 100% neutralisation of DA to pre-97 retirees. The sanctified Board Resolution dated 24.11.2001 should be implemented in letter and spirit. This will enhance mutual trust and create a very positive atmosphere. Pension updation with wage revision will instil a feeling of pride and ownership among not only the retirees but also the in service employees as it will make them feel that they are in no way inferior to other Govt. employees ,but represent a Premier financial institution always praised by FM&PM. LIC management has proved its firm but fair stand before the Central Govt. in the past. Considering the employees as its asset, LIC refused to downsize the man power when most of the PSUs including Banks succumb to Govt. proposal of curtailing staff through various schemes of retirement. Similarly, LIC could prevail over the Central Govt. in getting the best possible and far better wage settlement in last round. We are confident that LIC, under your leadership, will succeed to get the Board Resolution dated 24.11.2001 cleared from the Central Govt from the date when discrimination arose & monstrous anomalies in cadre pensions came to light.. This alone will enable the retirees of this esteemed organisation to enjoy their share of pie and feel proud to have been a part of LI C.

ii) DR Review on Quarterly Basis:

Presently, DR review in case of pensioners is done on Hly basis. Now, pension payment is made through ECS and advance cheques for six need not be prepared. So, DR review can be done on Qly basis as is done In case of in servic^ employees.

iii) Eligibility forfull Pension after20 years against 33 years.

Presently, the retirees who had not completed 33 years as on the date of their retirement are not getting full pension. Due to impractical provision of Rule 27, a lot of retirees who joined the services of LIC from agency quota or on getting relaxation in maximum age at entry, particularly in specialized fields like Engineers/ CAs, are deprived of full pension. It has resulted in uncalled for litigations also. The aforesaid eligibility condition would resolve the grievance of such retirees and ensure pension benefit at par with others.

iv) Protection of Last Drawn pay:

Similarly, last drawn pay or 10 months average emoluments whichever is higher should be the criterion for fixing the pension. This will resolve the anomaly being caused in case of employees who retire within 10 months of effective date of the immediately preceding wage revision.

v) Additional Pension afterthe age of 80.

With advancement in age, the pensioners are prone to diseases and they need extra money to take care of the health. The slabs stipulated are as under.

On attaining 80 years 20% ,

On attaining 85 years 30%,

On attaining 90 years 40%,

On attaining 95 years 50%,

On attaining 100 years 100%

This recommendation has been well taken by the Government and the same has been given effect from 01.01.2006. Pension scheme was introduced to LIC employees from 01.01.1986 and the number of retirees who attained the age of 80 and above is minimal.

vi) Family Pension.

As per the existing pension rules, the Family Pension is worked out on tapering basis. This type of tapering is without !any basis or by observing any scientific method. Presently there are three slabs viz. 15%, 20% and 30% of the basic pension whereas Central Government Employees on the other hand are blessed with family pension of 40% uniformly. In view of the present social scenario, we request for allowing family pension uniformly at 40% for LIC's family pensioners.


1)LIC has Consultative Committees for Employees, Agents, Development Officers & a host of other forums for talks, negotiations, understanding the problems, facing & thrashing out the pending or outstanding issues etc.

Unfortunately, for pensioners, no such across the table talks or negotiations. Central Govt, State Govt. have such committees for redressal of complaints & grievances as also JCM .Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) .Any enlightened organization , of its own accord, must feel happy & bold to enlist pensioners also for a Consultative Committee to give credibility to their attachment to pensioners & to really solve whatever problems or issues pensioners face. It may be office delay in releasing pension, it can be ECS was not implemented for automatic credit to Pensioners bank account. It can also be for delay, cut or refusal to settle Medi-claim by the concerned authorities. Whatever may be the nature of problems, in actual life, pensioners do face problems & such issues can be aired in face to face contacts with management. So, a CC can be the medium or tool to satisfy the aspirations of pensioners of all categories when in real democratic spirit, management can rise to the occasion & settle their problems & redress their grievances.

2) Even HRD practices & enlightened management should implement this principle as a matter, of course, but nothing like that has ever happened. Pensioners'problems increase & multiply with no agency or platform to listen to them.

Let it be a presentation of Petition or Memorandum of Demands to DM/ZM/ED/MD or Chairman. It has been our experience that ZO acts only as post office & nothing worthwhile happens. At best, it turns out to be SKC-Sweet, Karam, Coffee meet. All happen at CO as far as pensioners are concerned & there is woeful lack of appreciation of pensioners problems at all levels of management. Send a Telegram of protest, or hunger strike or Resolutions passed with bravado, or any medium resorted to by unions normally, by pensioners Assn /Fedn, nothing happens. All are in cold storage. Apathy or indifference only prevails & that is one compelling reason we are not able to make any breakthrough, even when the cause is genuine & legitimate based on reason & logic & cost or outlay is negligible or moderate, not beyond the bounds of a healthy & financially very sound organization.

3) Problems must be resolved satisfactorily. Staff Charter of demands, several rounds of talks take place, increases in allotment are announced & many times lot of & improvements take place. Cost of travel is borne by LIC. Pensioners are the only static group for management. They have to fend for themselves. They are not of any importance. All their sweat & Wood & sacrifice of 35 & more years of service are just forgotten & even ignored. Management, instead of doing worthwhile for TATA to Tension of Pensioners, they have bid virtually a final Ta Ta to pensioners ! This is not
what it ought to be:

4) A Consultative Committee can consist of LIC ZM,RM (OS) & Vice-
President & Joint Secretaries of that Zone AIRIEF at ZO level & President, GS, Dy GS, VPs at All-India level. The meetings
can take place once a Quarter at ZO level & 3 times a year at All-India level. RIEAS problems can ba sent to VP/JS to take up that case & seek a solution from LlC.

5) A Consultative Committee can consider the following in their Agenda:

i) Circulars affecting Pensioners -DR, Medi-claim, Pension/Annuity plans, Income-tax, Housing loan, we learn from someone .sometimes not known at all etc. LIC can send such communications to AIRIEF Office -Bearers—President/GS/Dy GS/VP/JS of all Zones. There can be quick transmission by OB to respective RIEAs in their zone, ii) LIC can release Pensioners' Directory yearly with full data. This makes it possible to update data, addresses, Telephone Nos & pensioners can make good use of the same.

iii) LIC can inform the Pensioners' data, Name & number of retirements in the next one year to enable the AIRIEF to start enrolling without hunting for data

iv) We are not able to know the deaths of pensioners. LIC can inform concerned AIRIEF Office-bearers so that service can be rendered & forms filled up for securing family pension etc. In fact, LIC itself should undertake this by meeting the widow etc & enabling the survivor to fulfil the obligations .Value-added services are the order of the day in this highly competitive world. Many are not even aware of rules & procedures to be followed.

v) Exgratia retirees were not being given Identity Cards. Some do not contain Blood Group etc which are vital information at old age & for pensioners. Even the nominal fee should be dispensed with.

vi) LIC can celebrate Elders' Day, invite AIRIEF representatives & pensioners meet & noble measures, value-added services can be announced.

v)Lack of personal touch, ignoring pensioners have been the order of the day. It is high time this is reversed & our Voice is heard at LIC

Management level forcefully & far this purpose, only CC can be the medium to air & ventilate our grievances & seek redressal, Penioners rich experience & skills can be marshalled In ever so many productive ways, viii) If CC is in force & active, & as more & more retirements take place,

more pensioners join pensioners organization, strengthen the same & 2-way traffic & dialogue will become dynamic. ix) A sense of purpose, a sense of direction, a sense of binding, a sense of alertness, a sense of urgency, can certainly dawn when CC is in session x) Step-motherly treatment can stop. Regular meetings will cement the bond & more involvement on the part of management will slowly create empathy totally absent today. We are talking to the wall, as it were ,now, with no consequence & no solution, xi) Follow-up is possible & some end results can be seen. xii) Personal visits, Telephone calls, sometimes endless to elicit pensioners data—all these can be avoided & correct data can be secured with ease & purpose.

xiii) Principles of propriety & courtesy also demand constituting a Consultative Committee

xiv) LIC can arrange Lectures by eminent Doctors, Health experts, Alternative Medicine practitioners, Yogic experts .pensioners called to attend, raise doubts & clarifications. Further LIC alliance with medical profession or hospitals can bring about concessions to elders & pensioners.

xv) LIC can announce Scholarships, awards to pensioners wards who are brilliant & such objectives can be placed before CC members to appraise. Symbolically, LIC could announce some cash prize to Seniormost pensioner in each Division at-least to boost up morale & to induce sensitivity to pensioners problems.

xvi) Agenda will slowly create orderly way of dealing with issues, both parties will be active, Resolutions will have meaning & sense of priority will arise. Pensioners should be called as in the case of in-service employees for talks & negotiations & a deadline can be fixed for a decision & solution. Charter of Demands will begin to have a halo & outstanding issues can be discussed & an appropriate solution found in course of time as the living, throbbing problems genuinely faced by the body of enlightened pensioners, whose sweat & toil for decades formed the foundation & bedrock of this great organization should be resolved within a deadline as many die & go out of the fold. CC CAN INDEED BECOME A USEFUL CHANNEL & A BRIDGE OF UNDERSTANDING FACE TO FA CE FOR RESOLVING ALL ISSUES OF PENSIONERS.

B) NODAL OFFICERS AT CO, ZO, DO LEVELS HAVE TO BE CREATED AS PER ASSURANCE GIVEN BY THEN EDP SRI B. MANIVANNAN & COMMUNICATED TO HIS SUCCESSORSRI M.R.KUMAR TOO This will create a healthy development of SINGLE-POINT WINDOW CONTACT with Nodal Officer, who, in course of time, will be able to evolve still healthier concepts of welfare & empathy & resolving complaints & grievances of pensioners with commitment & dedication. Above all, a sense of realization of responsibility at ALL LEVELS will start percolating & all tiers will involve themselves WITHOUT tossing the pensioner here & there. NODAL OFFICER BECOMES A SIMPLE MECHANISM FOR HEARING COMPLAINTS OR GRIEVANCES. THIS WILL ULTIMATELY PURIFY & STRENGTHEN THE WORKING OF ALL OS ENSION CELLS QUALITATIVELY.


C) AIRIEF also wants the management to be pro-active & set up a PENSIONERS OMBUDSMAN, as there will yet be some cases where grievances could not be fully & satisfactorily resolved & so an Ombudsman will lend neutrality & full independence in sorting out issues & pass an ORDER based on facts & findings by them ,so that real & true justice can prevail.

VI) AIRIEF commends LIC for having created LIC Golden Jubilee Foundation to commemorate its Golden Jubilee year (1956-2006) as a mark of stellar & stupendous service to society, nation, policy holders & all stakeholders, the aim was also to discharge Its obligations as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, with the objectives of relief of poverty or distress, advancement of education, medical relief, advancement of any other object of general public utility.

While the initial corpus of Rs50cr is being replenished every year with an infusion of Rs10cr, & many activities evoking praise & admiration are being undertaken like scholarships to deserving students etc,

i) AIRIEF pleads & advocates that LIC must endeavour to extend help & assistance in deserving cases to pensioners or family of pensioners in the areas earmarked like offer of scholarships,

ii) Medical relief for pensioners for high-end diseases & treatment like chemo-therapy, dialysis & radiotherapy .where limits prescribed deter payment of full insurance sum assured, as 20% of sum assured restriction is imposed adversely affecting such pensioner patients needing long & continuous treatment.

iii) Corporate Social Responsibility certainly demands empathy towards pensioners in matters affecting their lives. Equally, brilliant wards of pensioners are not able to pursue higher education, as fees & other demands are exorbitant & LIC intervention to offer scholarships to such exemplary cases shall be appreciated & remembered

VII) The matter of revising norms for the Staff Welfare Fund in Public Sector Banks has been examined in this Department in light of the recommendations made by the Khandelwal Committee.

It has been accordingly decided to raise the maximum ceiling for Staff Welfare Fund as under subject to cap of 3% of net profit:


Maximum Ceiling

Per Year

State Bank of India

Rs.100 crores

PSBs with business mix of over Rs. 300,000 crores and employee strength above 30,000


PSBs with business mix of over 150,000 crores to crores and employee strength of 20,000 to 30,000

Rs.20 crores

Other PSBs

Rs. 15 crores

AIRIEF also wants LIC to make specific allotment in same manner to our pensioners, as MOF/GOI, DEPT OF FINANCIAL SERVICES issued the circular in Feb, 2012

LIC can, therefore, allot, a decent amount, in tune with this development on the Banking sector & quickly evolve a scheme to ensure welfare amenities being accelerated. Needless to say, LIC must be a pace-setter in protecting & promoting pensioners welfare & so, LIC must earmark amount higherthan SB).

VIII) 1)LIC Care Homes subsidiary started with noble, laudable objectives appear to go slow, on low profile. But a wealth of goodwill can be earned if only, they can speed up operations & construct such Homes as they have done at Bangalore.

In view of disintegration of joint family long before, emergence of nuclear families, many siblings going, even settling abroad ,time is ripe for a decent, calm surroundings at affordable prices but certainly with all amenities .absolutely inclusive of healthcare, doctors for routine checkups & emergency help & assistance. True to LIC emblem, meaning of logo, thy welfare should be our responsibility.

2) Social audit of Old Age Homes take place, when Dignity Foundation & others engage in such amenities for Elders, LIC can thoughtfully adopt a few Old Age Homes .qualitatively better, & ensure LIC pensioners get priority at such well-managed homes, with adequate infrastructure.

3) It must be LIC bounden duty as part of accepting social responsibility to celebrate World Elders Day, devise good programmes, cultural, honouring Eldest pensioners etc as a mark of respect & admiration for seniors.

Many talk of wealth of talents, maturity, experience, & distilled wisdom amongst pensioners, whose intelligence & knowledge are not put to proper use by community & society. LIC can be the harbinger whereby, they can set up Schools, Colleges, grand Insurance University. Many retirees will be eagerly & spontaneously attracted towards this salutary proposition to join, fully offer their services for teaching, training, coaching,
counseling etc They can even devise a wonderful curriculum in

consultation with LIC policy makers to make this vision a reality. Sure, many others will love to ape this & it may become sooner a trend-setter for others to emulate.

IX) i) While Banks enjoy & nominate 2 Retired Sr Executives in Staff
Welfare Committee, it is sad LIC has not thought of any such till now.

AIRIEF pleads with the management to place such proposal before LIC Board & implement the same as a salutary practice of such representation wilf bring in a spectrum of useful points for pensioners welfare.

ii) Banks have unified re presentation of pensioners Representative in Board too. It is considered an honour &a positive welcome measure & again reflecting healthy practices & norms for proper assessment with all views & suggestions pooled. LIC must endeavour to move & push forward this proposal & ensure implementation at an early date.

X) i )Many High Courts have given unequivocal verdicts that those who
retired under VRS or those who Resigned are eligible for pension.

Even MOF/GOI in recent bank 2nd option for pension for retirees have clarified to IBAto correct their erroneous views.


ii) Just as Banks gave 2nd option facility to their retirees, LIC must give final option to retirees left out of pension scheme, fixing some final date for receipt of such requests & widely circulating the information to reach those retirees.

Xl)i) Enhancement of Gratuity Limit to Rs. 10 lakhs.

The recent enactment which has increased statutory ceiling on Gratuity to Rs.10 lacs has been made applicable to all government undertakings with effect from the date of their wage revision. Unfortunately, employees of LIC are given step motherly treatment and this enhancement Is mad® effective from 24-05-2010 only. It Is fair and legally correct to make this enhancement effective from 01 -01 -2006 to LIC's retirees also.

ii) PENSIONERS' PORTAL: LIC of India is known for IT enabled services to its customers and also developed employees portal, agents portal etc.. On the same lines, we request to have a portal for the pensioners where the pensioners may have access through internet. The portal may provide details of pension and pensioner as well as relevant forms like existence certificate, mediclaim form, particulars of family members, etc. Circulars related to pensioners and information of DR slabs may also be provided through the portal. It can be a password protected portal. AIRIEF has sent a detailed communication to CO ,OS De pt in this regard with valuable suggestions in April,2012

iii) While for commuted pension, provision for Nomination is made, for regular or family pension or mediclaim etc, unclaimed benefits must not pose legal tangle & enormous amounts, labour, energy & efforts wasted for title: hence ABSOLUTELY, provision for Nomination must be made so that at advanced age, care will be taken to ensure pension proceeds go to right earmarked relatives.

iv) Avoidable Litigations.

It is observed that from many of the cases pending before various High Courts/Supreme Court that LIC is unnecessarily dragging the cases against retirees evidently to buy time or to frustrate the retirees with delays and spending of money. Of late, it is found that even in legally tested cases, such unnecessary litigations and wastage of public money is being done. This is happening for the reason that the authorities at various levels prefers to act upon court verdict rather than exercising their judicious discretion. This tendency not only cause avoidable hardships to the aged/ ailing retirees but also results in loss of face and public money. Hence it is requested that matters where the judgment at High Court level is clear and no further litigation would help the management, in such cases the verdict of the High Court should be implemented without further appeals and litigation. We seek adherence to National Litigation Policy in letter and spirit and avoid litigations/appeals. Such gesture by LIC management would help saving of hard earned money of the retirees and will help them in availing the benefit during his lifetime and in times of their need.

XII) i) Group Term Insurance coverage for retirees.

We have been requesting for extension of GTI to LIC retirees up to the age of 75 years as is being allowed to others. LIC has not so far acceded to our request for coverage of a retirees' life. It is necessary in the changed context of increased life expectancy that the coverage is extended to LIC retirees. ii) Pass Book to the Pensioners:

We have been demanding for providing details of pension to the pensioners as is provided to the retirees of Banks and Government. We request to introduce the system of providing particulars of payment of pension in LIC also.

ill) Having enjoyed the LTC facility during service period for rest and recuperation, it will be pertinent that in the name of welfare for a retiree in due recognition of past services, at least a pilgrimage travel should be allowed to the retiree and his spouse once in 2 years.

iv) Priority in Guest House Accommodation:

Keeping in view the financial aspect as well as safety aspect, we request you to give priority to the retirees in allotting Guest House accommodation.

v) Pensioners Cell on Ground Floor:

At advance age it becomes difficult to the pensioners to climb stairs. It was decided that the pension cell would be on ground floor where lift facility does not prevail. LIC CO issued a Circular has not been implemented. It is requested that suitable instructions be given to the offices to ensure that pension cell is on the ground floor.

XIII) i) SPACE is another constraint. LIBRARY cum ADJOINING HALL WILL EMINENTLY SERVE AS MEETING PLACE FOR PENSIONERS, EXCHANGE IDEAS, SHARE PROBLEMS, TAKE STEPS TO RESOLVE THE ISSUES, QLY MEETINGS CAN TAKE PLACE, CIRCULARS & HOUSE MAGAZINES CAN BE DISTRIBUTED AS ALSO CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS ETC. This will set right a big lacuna for the Pensioners Fedns. Conference Hall can be given for the meetings of pensioners afterdue permission .Imagine how much of value -addition will come about.

ii)Apart from LIC House Magazine Yogakshema to President, VPs, GS, AIRIEF, Zonal HM must be provided to VP, JS, AIRIER Equally, Divisional HM should be sent to President, Secretary, RiEAs (Retired Insee Employees Assn)

iii)SBI CLASS HOUSE MAGAZINE FOR PENSIONERS, TITLED; "SECOND INNINGS", NICE COLOURFUL RELEASES QUARTERLY WITH VERY USEFUL ARTICLES, READY RECKONERS, HEALTH ISSUES, DOCTORS REPLIES, Photographs & MANY MORE LIC mustemulate as a premier Financial organization & embark on such spread of communication breaking barriers of silence & non­availability of data & news about pensioners. LIC Anniversary Day, Independence Day & such other celebrations for unity can be portrayed with participation of pensioners & a welcome to them by management will go a long w ay in fine rapport & intimacy.

S.K. Shukla V.C.Jain

President General Secretary